Our Technology

Modern devices for Single-Cell Profiling allow the extraction of vast amounts of data from a simple blood sample or tissue biopsy. This high-dimensional data holds the information for better understanding and more precise detection of complex diseases such as cancer and immune system disorders. However, while the devices for generating this data exist, the technology for data analysis and interpretation is lagging behind.

At Scailyte, we are developing software employing artificial intelligence technologies that will unleash the potential of Single-Cell data for research, drug discovery and diagnostics. Our core algorithms rely on the same concepts that are successfully used for image analysis and speech recognition: deep learning on neural networks. Analog to pattern recognition on two-dimensional images, this technology allows the recognition of malicious patterns in high-dimensional Single-Cell data.

Our software will allow the discovery and definition of novel biomarkers, which will ultimately enable the early detection of a wide range of diseases through a simple blood test. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are setting up collaborations with clinical and industry partners.

Cancer cells