Biomedical discovery

through single-cell technologies

Single-cell analysis is an emerging tool to make novel fundamental biomedical discoveries as well as reveal disease-specific biomarkers, enabling new avenues in precision medicine and personalized therapy. We excel in single-cell technology platforms in particular the discovery of differentially expressed genes or proteins between different cells within and across cell populations. Our services span three key pillars of discovery: ​ careful study design, good quality data acquisition and a comprehensive data analysis.

discovery biomed

Unprecedented biomedical insights powered by single-cell technologies

Consulting including Study Design

Definition of initial hypothesis in collaboration with the partner
Consultation with experts in the field
Selection of sample type, size, and control groups


Data Acquisition

Identification of suitable single-cell method or combinations
Method optimization
Sample preparation and processing

Flow-based & Imaging Methods – for targeted studies
Liquid & tissue samples
1M – 10M cells/run
Expression levels of 10 to 100 proteins

Droplet & Microfluidics – for explorative studies
Liquid & tissue samples
100 – 10’000 cells/run
Expression levels of 1000 to 10’000 genes by RNA-seq


Data Analytics, Interpretation & Discovery

Data processing, analysis and interpretation using our AI-based technology
Identification of sample specific biomarkers and cell-identity signatures

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T-SNE plot