Our Product, ScaiVision

Makes it possible to analyse single-cell data that has taken weeks to months before, in days. Using deep learning artificial intelligence, ScaiVision greatly increases interpretation depth, analytical complexity and turn-around time. Accelerate your discoveries today.

Accelerating Biomedical Discovery

drop seq single cell

Single-cell profiling technologies have the potential to map disease heterogeneity in great detail. T​he technologies to generate the data are available today.

Scailyte has developed its core product: a user friendly Artificial intelligence software, ScaiVision. It employs deep learning neural networks to interpret single-cell data automatically. Its core algorithm utilizes powerful pattern recognition similar to advanced facial and voice recognition softwares.

Accelerate your discoveries today

To address all analytical bottlenecks associated with single-cell data,  ScaiVision offers:

ScaiVision unlocks the full potential of single-cell data for research, drug discovery and diagnostics by analyzing and interpreting big datasets in a few hours with great complexity. ScaiVision currently supports analysis of Mass cytometry and Flow cytometry data.

Deep learning capabilities
Comprehensive interpretation of your biological questions
Intuitive, rapid and automated workflows

ScaiVision options

Cloud based software for on-site analysis
Data analysis service on your datasets