Scailyte and Witec AG Partner

Partnership to Distribute Artificial Intelligence Based Bioinformatics Software Solution to the Swiss Life Sciences Industry

Biotechnology is transforming healthcare to save lives

The future of healthcare in a digital world revolves around identifying highly valuable hidden information in increasingly complex data patterns. Advancements in single-cell technology unveil an astonishing, unprecedented detailed view, thereby producing large amounts of high-dimensional data which is challenging and time-consuming to analyze. Scailyte provides innovative artificial intelligence based bioinformatics software that efficiently extracts meaningful information from single-cell data to facilitate deep and comprehensive biological understanding and to ultimately advance biomedical research.


Peter Nestorov, CEO and Co-Founder of Scailyte

Previously worked as a Sales Specialist at Witec AG, establishing and developing the single-cell market in Switzerland. Inspired by his customers’ unanimous need for a faster way to handle and comprehend single-cell data, he founded Scailyte to unlock the unique potential of single-cell data through the use of artificial intelligence.


Witec forefront innovation for over 30 years

“Witec has been at the forefront of innovation for over 30 years, bringing the newest cutting-edge technology to research labs in Switzerland. In the last several years, Witec has focused on the emerging single-cell technologies and has been leading the adoption of this revolutionizing technology in Switzerland,” said Peter Nestorov. “In this regard, Scailyte is honored to partner with Witec AG, and we are convinced that this collaboration will boost the single-cell market in Switzerland.”


Patrick Meyer, Managing Director at Witec AG, added

“The single-cell technologies are the motor of a fast evolving market with very high growth potential over the coming years. Witec AG’s strategy is to become a major player in this field offering state of the art instruments and analysis tools. After signing distribution contracts with two innovative manufacturers of devices for single-cell analysis, we are very pleased to become a partner of Scailyte. This enables us to offer additionally an artificial intelligence based bioinformatic tool to unlock single-cell ‘hidden secrets’ and convert highly complex data into new insights and usable knowledge.”


Transformative potential Partnership

This partnership has transformative potential for the Swiss life sciences market as it combines breakthrough data analytics with over 30 years experience providing quality products to meet the specific needs of customers within Swiss academic and industrial research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


About Witec AG

For more than 30 years, Witec AG has been active as a distributor for a number of instrument and reagent producers from around the globe in the Swiss life sciences market. The main activities are in the fields of single-cell genomics & proteomics, PCR, real-time PCR, electrophoresis, Western blotting & imaging, spectrophotometry and cell biology. It is Witec’s aim to provide customers with innovative products of high quality and professional service and support. The lean structure allows for high flexibility in finding the perfect solution for our customers. For more information on Witec AG, please visit the Witec company’s website.