Peter Nesterov CEO and CoFounder

Perer Nesterov leading Scailyte through single cell research

As a CEO and founding member, Peter guides all aspects of company strategy and operations, thereby crafting the vision for Scailyte’s growth and culture. With his expertise and enthusiasm in the field of single-cell technologies, his extensive knowledge of the industry and sharp analytical thinking. Peter manages the company, it’s external financing and investors and recruits top-tier talent to maintain Scailyte’s consistent evolution.

Following his first encounter with single-cell technologies during his PhD at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Peter spearheaded the use of these innovative technologies, generating the institute’s first single-cell RNAseq data set. Establishing and developing the single-cell market in Switzerland as a Sales Specialist at Witec AG, Peter identified his customers unanimous need for a faster way to handle and comprehend single-cell data. This inspired him to found Scailyte and unlock the unique potential of single-cell data through the use of artificial intelligence. Peter earned his Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Tübingen and his Doctorate in Genetics from the University of Basel. During his PhD, Peter was awarded a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD Fellowship.

In his spare time, can be found in the kitchen, inspiring his kids to join him in his lifelong passion for coocking. Peter was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently lives with his wife and two kids in Olten, Switzerland.

“I am inspired and honored to work with such a great and diverse team of passionate and smart people, who see their purpose in the mission of Scailyte: unlock the potential of single-cell data and deliver the next generation of precision diagnostics.“ Peter Nestorov