Stefan Almestrand, Sales Director

Stefan Almestrand – Director of Sales and Marketing

“Big challenges lie ahead but by bringing in world-class talent and developing world-class products, the odds are in our favor. My contribution to help Scailyte achieve this goal will be to build a best-in-class commercial organisation with the primary purpose to make our clients successful, promote curiosity and innovation and to think big within the organisation.“

Stefan’s unique perspective in medical research

Stefan’s unique perspective on the global market is owed to his broad background in medical research, medical affairs, business and management within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Combining excellent scientific knowledge, creativity and his passion for marketing with significant industry and management experience, Stefan leads Scailyte’s global sales efforts and strategically launches new products and services.

Stefan’s professional background

Speaking the language of science just as fluently as marketing and commercial strategy, Stefan brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge. Prior to joining Scailyte, Stefan held various global leadership positions, working with pharmaceutical and biotech clients as well as developing and managing clinical projects within the precision diagnostic field for companies like AstraZeneca, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fluigm. Stefan earned his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology from Mälardalen University, Swede.