Daniel Sonnleithner, Founder

Daniel Sonnleithner – Director of Data Analytics

“I deeply enjoy building something big from scratch.”

Daniel’s responsibilities

Working creatively as well as analytically in a problem-solving environment, leveraging his eye for data quality and ability to use analytics to drive business impact, Daniel leads the development, management and implementation of data analytics and business intelligence necessary to support Scailyte’s overall corporate goals, information¬† technology vision and strategy. Operationalizing the application of data and information to deliver optimal performance. Daniel is also responsible for Scailyte’s IT, the internal data science service unit and making sure that Scailyte’s core product meets the customer needs, highest quality standards and receives the best possible support.

Daniel’s professional background

Prior to joining Scailyte, Daniel served as a senior IT consultant at AWK Group AG, a Swiss IT consulting agency, where he established and led project, defined processes and enhanced current systems to improve business performance while gaining experience working for corporations and managing large-scale IT infrastructure operations. Daniel earned his Diploma in Mechatronics from the University of Karlsruhe and his Doctorate in Neuroinformatics from ETH Zurich.